kelsey boyer has sorostitute swag
I saw Kelsey Boyer doing the stride of pride this morning from the Pike house to the Zeta house. That sorostitute is lucky greek village is small.
by tsm111 October 27, 2010
A sorority girl or any high mantinence woman. Sorority girl + prostitute = sorostitute. Avoid at all costs.
by Steamy Willy August 06, 2003
(noun.) Sorority + prostitute. Sorority slut.
David's rushing into a frat this semester because he knows he can get tons of sorostitutes.
by Your Local Wallflower. February 21, 2014
A sorority girl with a moral compass that does not always point north (or any other direction) on a regular basis.
After a couple of drinks, Emily was willing to accept the role of sorostitute for any number of boys at the party.
by Wordsmithy747 April 17, 2010
sorority sluts that act like prostitutes when dudebros, or frat guys are around. Tipcally named Ashley, Tiffany, or Laura. They have a habit of drinking 2 beers and becoming completely wasted.
That girl in the delta zeta shirt is a sorostitute, look at the herpes on her lip.
by jill w.k. August 23, 2006
one girl who only joins a sority to make conections and leech off the business world....that and date guys who are tall and drive nice cars.
That sorostitute only wants to ride my nuts cause my dad is the CEO of (insert business)...and im ok with this.
by wes c August 16, 2005
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