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Probably the greatest character ever to grace the television screen. Incredibly dumb, yet insanely lovable. Full of classic quotes, stupid stunts, and an unending appetite. I love this man.
Hey, let's get stoned and watch Homer talk to Johnny Cash at the chili cookoff.
by Kristina January 12, 2004
A7X is short for Avenged Sevenfold the band that clashes metal and punk into one awesome fucking sound. The cool thing about this band is they can play on ozzfest or the warped tour, either way they fit in. I would prefer them to be on ozzfest, but oh well. Their new cd, Waking The Fallen, sounds more nu metal than punk..I think anyways. People may not like them because of the fact that they are clashing two different types of music...if they don't like a7x then fuck them.
I saw a7x on the warped tour last night and they kicked major ass!!
by Kristina June 27, 2004
Hood where zack Grew up place in fortlauderdale slums where you can always get good weed for a good price.
Yo im headed to northlauderdale to get me som erb
by Kristina October 23, 2004
Hilary Duff is a whole, slut and a telentless bitch.. She pretty much ruined any movie she was in by her stupid preppy, blonde, bitchy personality. Her TV show was the worst thing EVER AIRED ON TV and even thought i have never and will never see the movie, i'm sure it was just as horrible. She can't sing, can't act and when she "dances" she looks like she's having a seizure.
She plays all innocent 1 minute, than shes "punk" the next. Theres no way in hell Joel would have ever gone out with her.
She should crawl in a hole and die.
She was caught lip synching. she's an ugly whore. for all the girls who say shes pretty, SHES FUCKING LOADING HER FACE WITH A TON OF MAKEUP EACH DAY WITH A FUCKING SHOVEL! GET A NEW FUCKING ROLE MODEL!
she sounds like a constipated goat *thats an insult to the goat*
by Kristina February 23, 2005
n., v., to have a relationship that is considered standard, old fashion and/or idealic.
n., Juan and Yanette have been together since high school; they were born to have a white picket fence.

v., Juan: I love you. Let's white picket fence together.
Yanette: Yes, I do.
by Kristina June 18, 2006
To become all huffy and puffy over NOTHING! To get upset while having a fight because somone else attacked your argument. To be so depressed about something that is out of your control that you stop talking to people.
Dennis was so beyond butthurt that his favorite team lost that he threw out all of their apparel he just purchased.
by Kristina December 18, 2004
Having a lot of $money$
Girl 1: "Jamal got deep pockets!"
Girl 2: "Girl, pass him over when you done. I need some CASH!!"
by Kristina February 27, 2004

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