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owning/driving a car with rims that are 20+ inches, preferably chrome, spinners optional

also known in the south as, "tippin fo fo's"
A p.i.m.p. needs to be rollin on dubs!
by iv279 July 25, 2005
Someone driving a car with 20" rims.
That girl got a new escalade and was rollin on dubs.
by Chris July 23, 2003
Driving in an SUV that has 20 inch or higher wheels, usually with chrome or other fancy look.
We was rollin on dubs when the police came.
by Manoj April 15, 2003
Dubs are a brand of wheels popular in Urban America. Certain models, such as the Shao Lin Spinner, just keep on spinning even though the car has come to a halt.
You know, me an my grumpies, we was jus' rollin' on dubs.
by Kobe Mann September 26, 2003
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