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Forgetting things SOMEtimes rather than all of the time, referring to the disease Alzheimers (ALLzheimers).
Gunther: Remember that time we ate lasagna?
John: No...I can't recall, but I DO remember the time we ate waffles!
Gunther: Yikes, you've got a bad case of sometimers.
by A-VID October 28, 2007
Fake people who pretend to like you when in reality they hate you and will use you for what you can do for them.
they are cool with you some times, some times they are not
Look at that sometimer over there- He asked me for a ride to the club last week but now he acts like he doesnt know me.
by Ced F. February 13, 2005
a guy/girl of romantic interest who only calls/texts/emails, etc. when it's convenient or when they 'happen' to be in the neighborhood.
Marc hasn't called me in 3 months, but he texted me last night because he happened to be at a bar across the street with his friends. What a fuckin sometimer.
by fistpumpin' boots March 07, 2010
People who come and go in your life at their convenience, surface people...
Who needs sometimer's in their life.. NOT<ME
by NY-Princezz August 14, 2013
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