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man who cant get a hard on, therefore is a useless cunt, useless cunt therefore being a softcock, softcock can descibe someone who cant or wont do something whatever that might be
my mate could,nt change the tyre on his car, fucking softcock
by dirtbox July 24, 2006
23 19
A person, usually a man, who lacks strength of character, or who is an easy touch for a sob story, or who cannot be relied on to take decisive action. Usually a sycophant.
The boss asked us to work on Saturday, and my supervisor didn't stand up to him and argue. What a soft cock.
by Beechmere May 23, 2006
107 38
1.Piker, someone who doesn't want to party hard or party at all, one with no guts or balls.
Dude, it's only 3.00 am and you want to leave?, what a softcock!.
by jamesbrown April 23, 2003
54 13
Someone who is weak or lacking essential masculinity
Gee that Michael in the toolshop is a soft cock
by jigsaw666 April 08, 2008
38 13
One who is constantly subdued by his partner/wife/fiance to the point where he has no identity of his own, rather just a puppet that she speaks through.
"Geez.. his at home cuddling up to her again"
"Yeah, Sam's such a softcock"
by Dan Wilder March 19, 2008
25 13
A frigid, sexually inhibited person, pitifully flaccid in ambition and determination.
'Debra was virtually begging him for it.'
'Let me guess, the softcock bailed?'
by Hyper Bole March 25, 2013
1 0
People who dont have the guts or balls to admit and take responsibility for things they have done.
Tim Blomfield. Theres no better example.
by WhoCares December 17, 2003
8 10