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4 definitions by dirtbox

term of abuse for anybody who pisses you off for whatever reason, to be a mongrel shit cunt is to be the lowest of the low
whilst out driving the other day a a bus driver pulled right out in front of me without indicating, as i sped past i shouted out of the window loudly , You fucking mongrel shit cunt
by dirtbox July 24, 2006
womens sanitary towel
i think my period has just started , would you mind going down to the shops and getting me a box of cunt plasters please
by dirtbox September 12, 2006
man who cant get a hard on, therefore is a useless cunt, useless cunt therefore being a softcock, softcock can descibe someone who cant or wont do something whatever that might be
my mate could,nt change the tyre on his car, fucking softcock
by dirtbox July 24, 2006
sphinctered,to be off ones head, totally not in control, physically or mentally whether that be caused by drugs, alcohol, or something else
went to an allnighter with some mates,could,nt hardly stand up, we were well sphinctered when we left
by dirtbox July 24, 2006