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SoBo = Social Bookmark

A term used when wanting to boost visitors.
Person A: I just wrote a new article on 10list.net
Person B: Sweet, want me to SoBo it?
by smitholi July 05, 2009
South Bombay
SoBo is so much better than NoBo
by BombayHustle October 15, 2009
South Bound. Used in describing direction on hiking trails such as the long trail and the appalachian trail.
I'm gonna do the long trail sobo.
by ISE91 June 29, 2008
short for South Boston aka southie MA, a hood in boston. No one in boston and southie calls it sobo. This is a term coined by realtors to make southie sound trendy like the back by or south end. This term is harshly rejected by long time southie residents who know its a gimmick to lure in rich yuppie bastards.
Yuppie- "I'm moving to Sobo where I will buy a condo for $500,000so I will be closer to my cube downtown"

Southie Guy- "Are ya Fackin retaded its called southie, not sobo you yuppie bastard,move back to vermont"
by $teve December 27, 2006
Socks On, Balls Out
Bro, I was hardcore SOBOing last weekend after all that Jager. You check that?
by MikeFrisco May 28, 2013
A very laidback person.
You are such a sobo.
by sobo August 08, 2005
A sexual deviant, a person who sleeps with a variety of people.
That's what Sobo said.
by MonkeyBallz December 26, 2007
the state of being south of any border
She wants to go to Tijuana so I guess we'll be SoBo tonight
by PianoMonsterGuy September 26, 2011