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An word used to agree with something or in place of "Okay". Made popular by Russian Meerkat, Aleksandr Orlov from the Compare the Meerkat advert in the UK.
In russian accent: "So you can compare the meerkat, Simples!"

example: youtube.com/watch?v=M0mXUC0cUPg
by smitholi August 14, 2009
Deciding to learn a skill but then giving up within days.
Sitcom Effort: Episode in a sitcom where a character will learn something new e.g. play guitar, but will never appear with a guitar in any future episodes.

A: Hey, do you still play the drums?
B: Nah, it was a sitcom moment.
by smitholi July 09, 2010
SoBo = Social Bookmark

A term used when wanting to boost visitors.
Person A: I just wrote a new article on 10list.net
Person B: Sweet, want me to SoBo it?
by smitholi July 05, 2009

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