Top Definition
1. A cute creature with a large floppy nose from the television show Sesame Street

2. A limp penis with a very large foreskin, resembling a Snuffalufagus' large nose.
1. Isn't that cute
2. That thing is hideous, yet... still kind of cute in a sick kind of way
by SlemCrisco December 15, 2004
Someone who intentionally or accidently violates you with their kundalini.
I couldn't believe that girl was a snuffalufagus.
by ButtRogers August 06, 2008
A rare bird from Argentina. It looks like an elephant and is in the cartoon Pooh Bear. They range from 10-65 lbs.
What is that bird? Its a snuffalufagus.
by Snuffywuffyypuffy October 15, 2008
A safe word, used to stop offensive sexual conversations.
Dot started talking about anal sex and took it too far, so I said "Snuffalufagus."
by Kathleen L. August 30, 2007
Another name for the male penis used by females.
She said she like the size of my snuffalufagus.
by All Damn Dayer July 29, 2016
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