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1. A cute creature with a large floppy nose from the television show Sesame Street

2. A limp penis with a very large foreskin, resembling a Snuffalufagus' large nose.
1. Isn't that cute
2. That thing is hideous, yet... still kind of cute in a sick kind of way
by SlemCrisco December 15, 2004
Someone who intentionally or accidently violates you with their kundalini.
I couldn't believe that girl was a snuffalufagus.
by ButtRogers August 06, 2008
A rare bird from Argentina. It looks like an elephant and is in the cartoon Pooh Bear. They range from 10-65 lbs.
What is that bird? Its a snuffalufagus.
by Snuffywuffyypuffy October 15, 2008
A safe word, used to stop offensive sexual conversations.
Dot started talking about anal sex and took it too far, so I said "Snuffalufagus."
by Kathleen L. August 30, 2007