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Cum covered tits/boobs/nipples
if you cum on a girl's tits, you are "snow-capping" her "mountains"
by MGBIZZLE October 13, 2004
22 13

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Once you have dry docked a toilet (see dry dock), you whip out your cock, and blow your load all over the mound of shit, thus capping the mountain with snow.
I left a snow capped mountain in the ladies restroom last night.
by squirrel March 14, 2004
16 7
Cumming on a woman's nipples while she is laying down. The darker her skin tone the better the "snow" shows.
I gave her some snow-capped mountains last night! wink wink, nudge nudge, say no more say no more.
by Flyinseamnky November 21, 2010
3 1
a sprinkle of Cocaine on top of a bowl of marijuana
smokin them snow capped mountains
by hngsolo November 13, 2010
1 1