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When a Girl looks attractive in her myspace photos. then you meet her in person and she is fugly
i saw a hottie on myspace, we agreed to meet in person and she was a total myspace effect!
by hngsolo January 20, 2009
dry humping to the point of getting road rash on your penis.
we were dry humping until i got burnt dick.
by hngsolo October 03, 2008
A game often played in jail/prison amungst inmates. a group of men circle around a cookie (usually an oreo with the cream center alreay eaten) and they masterbate on to the cookie. last one to blow their load has to eat the cookie.
they were bored and hungry so they played gooky cookie!
by hngsolo October 03, 2008
when you take a poop, and lots of little turds come out and splash water on to your butthole
i went to poop and it was a rabbit turd. so i had to dry my butthole.
by hngsolo October 03, 2008
when a man leaks urine in his pants because he didnt shake his penis enough when he last urinated.
I forgot to shake after i peed, so i ended up i shpoodleing all over myself.
by hngsolo October 03, 2008
A girl that bites durring the act of a blow job.
I like that girl jane.

No dude stay away from her, she is a mike tyson!
by HNGSOLO July 31, 2009
Sprinkling cocaine on the top of a packed bowl of marijuana and smoking it. It looks like a snow capped mountain.
person 1: i got some weed
Person 2: i got some blow
Person 1: sweet lets smoke some snow cap mountains
by HNGSOLO July 30, 2009

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