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1. (v) vicious sex act performed by decimating a nasty chick's asshole prior to bringing your wrists up to your chest mimicking a tyrannosaurus, roaring at the full capacity of your lungs and stomping the shit out of your victim, violently demonstrating the hunter's superior might over the powerless prey.
<note: it is not required that this is done to someone's mother, any female can be dinosaur your momed>
2. (adj) used to describe the astounding engine protecting qualities of Mobil 1 Extended Performance motor oil.
1. Jamie is such a slut, I dinosaur your momed her last night and she called me back!
2. ....and then there's this dinosaur your mom kind that goes for 15,000 miles!
by squirrel March 18, 2005
When a fat person gets in your way.
Sorry, I was late there was a blobstacle on the bus.
by Squirrel April 26, 2004
An Asian immigrant who is unable to speak English properly.
"Oh, sank yu, sank yu."
by Squirrel November 24, 2003
stund with great beauty; handsome; pretty; beautiful.
The boy was so pulchritudinous that every girl in the room was trying to flirt with him.
by Squirrel July 23, 2003
Once you have dry docked a toilet (see dry dock), you whip out your cock, and blow your load all over the mound of shit, thus capping the mountain with snow.
I left a snow capped mountain in the ladies restroom last night.
by squirrel March 14, 2004
A word that is used to describe something so inmensly great that it's use must be limited.
Made by Will Ferrel on one of his "inside the actors studio" parodies.
This cake is simply Scrumptrelescent.
Hey Sandy!, your bottom looks Scrumptrelescent today.
by Squirrel July 05, 2004
What tards call each other for sport.
"He called me fucking goat nuts!"
by squirrel March 17, 2004
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