When someone sneezes and farts (toots) at the same time.
"Please excuse me, I just snooted!"
by Trucdn September 21, 2014
A yellowish substance that accumulates around the pillow, leaving a urine like stain. Sometimes the potency of the "snoot" is higher causing the yellow substance to form a brownish color. "Snoot" occurs when the human face presses its sweaty, dirty faces against the white pillow. All the trapped dirts in the skin, sweats and even saliva from your mouth stick to the pillow to form "snoot". "Snoot" is difficult to remove, looks unpleasant but is odorless.
Joel: Mom my pillow has lots of snoot on it

Mom: I'll try washing it out! But use a god damn pillow cover next time!
by benzoylmethylecgonine October 22, 2013
Okay, I won't be too graphic here, but this is what happens when you sneeze and, well, pass gas as a result at the same time.
"I cannot believe this, everytime I sneeze I snoot. It's like a reflex action. And that is why, I can't pull up a date. Girl has a perfume too strong to trigger my nostrils, and boom, it's a snoot!"

"Did you just.. uhm, sneeze.. fart, in the same time? Did you just sneeze and fart at the same time?"
"Yeah I guess, snoot? :| "
by Epictrishax April 08, 2012
A group of people who listen to NPR Can be referred to as a "Snoot".
As in: "A snoot of listeners were talking about a lecture they heard about a flock of birds."
by NPR Snoot January 09, 2012
Another word for "Snort." Usually used in refrence to pills rather than cocaine, meth, heroin, etc.
"Dog i just snooted a bluesky."
"I have just snorted a Roxicodone 30mg"
by Sputnikk0000 November 05, 2008
A hybrid word.... a cross between the words sneeze and toot...., a sometimes embarassing mixture of two bodily functions....Typically the sneeze occurs first, but most of the time a fart is being held....at which point the sneeze causes the subject to lose his/her grip on the fart...embarassing for all involved....esp. the person who snoots....if it is audible...
J: Ohhhh God....I gotta sneeze....ahhchewwww(braaaapppppp)
J: What?
B: Nothing
J: What?
B: You just snooted....
by No particular name August 15, 2006
a girls vagina or ass
lets go snoot hunting. snoot rocks. that girls got a nice snoot.
by daplatinumasshole April 19, 2009

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