to snort or huff something
a buddy of mine snooted 8 hits of water, then hot sauce, then potato chip crumbs, then some pepper
by Sean "sTc" EGGEL July 14, 2003
The nose of a pig that cut to and laid on and grill and grilled to a crisp but not to be burned and eating with barbecue sauce. Native to East St. Louis, IL
Take me down to the Red Door(tavern in East St. Louis, IL) so I can get me a snoot (properly pronounced snout)
by UNOME! July 12, 2010
Noun- an attractive female between the ages of 16 and 30. A female who appears older would be referred to as an old snoot.
Girl rides by in the passenger seat of of a subaru WRX

Trey: check out that snoot.

Mark: nice snoot!
by HollywoodGWS May 07, 2009
Verb: A face scrunching expression often combined with a finger point.

The Snoot is a facial expression
that a "Veena" makes when a she scrunchs her face together. Often used in conjunction with a finger
point and used frequently when she is trying to either show her resistance to an idea or puts on her pretend fight-face.
(Verb): She was snooting when he exclaimed that Feminism is dead!
by LawJigga July 17, 2005
Hidden/secret term for cocaine
Do you have have any snoot? Lets go some snoooters.
by Drunk Kinda August 28, 2009
an asshole and/or vagina which is so loose is hangs on the floor. aka "A gaping hole, of some sort"
"Wow look at that guy/girl(s) snoot! It's draggin on the floor!"
by darneeto May 16, 2009
to repeatedly poke someone, in different places if you want. esp. in the side
male: im soo gunna snoot you.
female: nooooo.
male: *snoot's her*
female: *wriggles* aghhh *pokes male*
male: hahahahaa.
female: grrr i'll get you back you just wait.
by curt barry September 10, 2007

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