used as an expression to describe smell

or also used as an expression when you are let down like "dang"
"it smells like snoot in this subway station"

"aw snoot i didn't make that shot"
by yerdua December 07, 2006
Slang for cocaine or to snort cocaine or other substances. See sprak.
1. Hey Sean if you want to party, call that guy about some snoot.

2. No thank you, my nose is already bleeding from snooting that gear.

3. Those fuckers are always snooting snoot.
by shimmy shimmy coco-pop October 31, 2006
Those godforsaken boots that nike came out with. They look like sneakers, but they are boots.
Jack:What the fuck is that from DC kid wearing on his feet?Are they sneakers or boots??

Jill: No, those are snoots!

Jack: Snoots?

Jill: Yeah, snoots.
by Hello Timi October 06, 2006

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