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1. The most common way to consume cocaine (or certain other drugs that come in the form of powder). To snort coke means to suck it up your nose, with a straw or rolled up money/paper.

2. "Snort" occasionally can be used to refer to cocaine itself, though other slang terms for coke are much more common
1. Lets snort another line!

2. Hey man, can you get me some snort?
by Malicious Matt August 09, 2005
(V) To suck in coke up through your nose.
"Snort the sweet sweet nose candy."
by LarcLover October 21, 2003
To insufflate, that is, breathe in a line of powdered solid through a straw up one's nostril. Usu. applied to cocaine or ketamine.
He had to roll up a dollar bill to snort his K.
by Kerb November 28, 2004
a double shot of whiskey or bourbon, straight without ice
Thanks for the the snort of your jack, bro.
by bk1zzle November 23, 2010
A person who constantly annoys and bitches about silly stuff no one cares about. An individual who likes to get in people personal space and talk very loudly.
Ex. one

Boy 1: "One Direction all the way!!!! Boyeeee!!!!
Everyone else on the school bus: "Man shut the hell up! Quit being such a damn Snort all the time."

Ex. two
Mom: "Did you do your homework yet?? Did you take out the garbage?? Have you found a girl who can stand you yet??"
Boy: "MOM!! Stop being such a f***ing Snort!!"
by ArmaniExchange January 17, 2014
Something that is more funny then "LOL"
or "HAHA".
I think my boss is gay....
response; Snort!!
by Alisa September 18, 2003
1. v. slang : to fuck snort-Australian
2. n. : Eric Franco (may be used in forms such as "snorter" or "old man lover")
Wow, that guy is such a snort...
by jenn June 18, 2003
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