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Maurice Richards, better known as "Rich Boy," is a rapper from Mobile, Alabama. He is best known for his debut single "Throw Some D's." First album was the self-titled "Rich Boy." Easily recognizable by his extreme southern drawl and lyrics & beats that go hard as fuck. Other singles include "Boy Looka Here," and "Let's Get This Paper."
Rich Boy sellin' crick, folk niggas wanna jick, shit tight no stick, just bought a Cadilic
by Sputnikk0000 November 05, 2008
What you call someone whom you or other people constantly mooch cigarettes off of, or someone who has cigarettes at all times. AKA RJ Reynolds.
A:"Yo Dude i need a cigarette."
B:"Wheres Phillip-Morris when you need him?"

Mooch:"Maaan i need a stoge so bad. Lemme get one."
Provider:"What the hell do i look, Phillip-Morris,CO? Go buy your own for once."
by Sputnikk0000 November 05, 2008
Another word for "Snort." Usually used in refrence to pills rather than cocaine, meth, heroin, etc.
"Dog i just snooted a bluesky."
"I have just snorted a Roxicodone 30mg"
by Sputnikk0000 November 05, 2008

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