Largest weapon and drug holder. He does his own laundry too. :D
"I want a join
-Wanna go see snoop dogg?
-I don't wanna bother him when he's doing his laundry."
by John Tomas April 04, 2008
Snoop D-O-double Gizzle, Snoop is definately off the hizzle fo' shizzle. He created the slang language that ends with izzle. He has his own record company, his own clothing line, and his own show tv show on MTV. The Doggy Fizzle Televizzle.
Snoop D-O-double Gizzle is off the hizzle for shizzle, and anybody that disagrees is a lil' bizzle
by MankShady June 21, 2003
the best rapper, porn maker to ever grace the earth. he is a man of many talents........secretly want to meet him.

fo shizzle ma nizzle

by letsbehavingyou July 09, 2011
A cool rapper but turnin abit gay with all this fag rap shit. drop it like its hot is still one of my favs and sum of da good shit songs with dre in.
lets go straight to da motherfuckin source and see wot we can find.

man snoop gotta stay away from da fag justin!
Rapper who exploded on the rap scene in 1991 thanks to Doggystyle. Was a good rapper with Death Row but once he quit teaming which Dre really went downhill. Redeemed himself on Dre's Chronic 2001, but is now a sell out to rap and the so called gangsta he is. Just makes movies now and sold out to celebrity. He just tries to be "cool" now and forgot what its like to be an O.G. Needs to go back to what he used to be and quit makin gay songs with Pharell.
Snoop is nothing without Dre and is just a sell out now
by A$-Money March 05, 2005
da fo shizzle ma nizzle gangbanging since he been a juvenile westcoast cpt dpg s n double o p main hustling g.
can i get mo thrillz?

fo sho me bro. Check out da mofo new snoop track "drop it like izza ho', bitch!"
by modafokka December 28, 2004
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