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A 2004 movie with Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson based off of a tv show from the '70s. it's pretty funny and generally under rated.

"You just went up a notch in my book Starksy. That brings you to notch one."

-Snoop Dog as "Huggy Bear" in Starsky and Hutch
by anubis839 December 29, 2008
Is a starting hand in the porker variation "Texas Holdem'" consisting of a king and a jack.
He paired his Starsky and Hutch to beat my pocket aces, what a donkey!
by graniteplan February 21, 2011
Stupid ass movie that Ben Stiller is in to bring his acting career back with. Sometimes refered to as 'That stupid movie with Ben Stiller'. Also, a term to mean smaking a chick in her head so she sees stars and then putting her in a hutch
"That bitch was teethin so I Starsky and Hutched her.
by Michaellee33 April 04, 2005

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