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very likely the greatest restuarant of all time

a tex-mex style resturant, home of the famous baby back ribs (which Fat Bastard comments on in Austin Powers 2) and the monterey chicken

a piece of Heaven
"CHILI'S baby back ribs...barbecue sauce"
by ssullivan January 16, 2006
similar to the phrase give me some skin

has to be done in doubles-- first person slides his hand on the top of the second person's hand, then vice versa

an expression of approval, or praise, like a high five
Matt: " Hey dude, nice move, you're quite the Chinese checkers player eh?"
Joe: " Yeah, I've been practicing quite a bit lately"

Matt and Joe proceed to skin it with each other
by ssullivan January 16, 2006
an excellent way of saying get out of here
"Kid git-outta-heaa kid"
by ssullivan December 12, 2005
when a man recieves an erection so large, that it actually breaks through his skin
"Man, I was whacking the gary last night to some Rosie O'Donnel videos, and it just got so intense that i split the banana."
by ssullivan March 22, 2006
1. (n) preppy way to say goodbye for kids with boston accents
2. (n) insult after doing something bad to somebody
3. (v) to insult, hurt or punish in some way
4. (v) to own or pwn

you can say lata ked, you can be lata ked-ed, you can lata ked on things,
1. Matt: "Okay, I gotta go eat some tater-yah-tots. Bye."
John: "Lata ked...Git-outaa-heaaa."
2. Chuck: "What did your teacher do when you came late to class?"
Joe: " He gave me a lata ked and now i have to go to detention after school."
3. Mike: "Wow, when my dad found out i failed three classes he lata ked-ed all over my face."
4. Mario pushes Devin down a flight of stairs.
Devin: "Yeah, I just got lata ked-ed."
by ssullivan December 12, 2005
common misconception for "whacking the carrot"

another term for masturbation
"Yeahhhh....so i was whacking the gary the other, and I ran out of lube, so I just used mayonaise."
by ssullivan March 22, 2006
put simply, snoop dogg is the man

what other gangsta rapper can act in starsky and hutch and still maintain his status as the the man

snoop dogg is a true gangsta, because hes a skinny layed back rapper who loves weed, loved the west side, and carries a pimp cane around

snoop often collaborated with dr. dre for many songs including: aint nothing but a g thang, deep cover, and the next episode

snoop's old songs were better than his new ones
"still waters run deep...still snoop dogg and D-R-E" - deep cover
by ssullivan January 16, 2006
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