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1.FERGIE,noun.A terrible 'singer' originally from the band Black Eyed Peas.Tried to launch a solo career and failed miserably.Looked up to by the chav nation.
2.FERGIE,verb.To make one's ears bleed.
1.'I went to a Fergie concert and proceeded to projective vomit over the row of people in front of me after hearing her voice.'
2.'I had to go to the hosiptal after Olivia fergied whilst singing the latest Christina Aguilera song.'
by laylaMUFFIN September 03, 2007
a highly overrated book about kid who realises he is a wizard and goes off to a boarding school called Hogwarts.He has two best friends called Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley.He also has an owl called Hedwig. i've read 5 of the books and honestly don't see what all the fuss is about.
'oMgZZZZ the new HArry P0tter b00k c0mes 0ut s00n,i'm g0nna wait in the rain 0vernight s0 that i can get the first c0py LOL!!!1!!!!1one!!1!1!111!'
'why not just go tomorrow,it's still gonna be on sale..'
'STFU!!11!1!!I l0ve HArry POtter!!1!1!1!!one11!'
me:*bangs head against table*
by laylaMUFFIN September 03, 2007
snoop dogg, possibly the scariest looking man on the face of the earth, enjoys doing drugs and adding 'izzle' to the end of his word(izzle)s.
apparently he does his own laundry too.
'dude..what's wrong with your face?'
snoop dogg vaguely resembles a sewer rat.
by laylaMUFFIN September 03, 2007
used to describe something that is more than delicious or just tasty.
a variant of tay-stehhh.
ooh that cream cake was so nice..it sure was TAY-STAY!
by laylaMUFFIN September 03, 2007
right-o folks. first off, Cheshire is a COUNTY. not a TOWN. So all you guys saying it's a town suck,and you need to get your facts straight.. RARRR..
anyways, lots of footballers have houses in Cheshire,like Wayne Rooney and some others.. David Dickinson lives here too. >.<
The towns and villages in Cheshire are Macclesfield, Wilmslow, Knutsford, Congleton, Prestbury and loads of others,it doesn't matter, the rest are shit anyway.
Cheshire is basically the most HXC county in the whole of North England, fuck that, it's the best county in the whole of England.
Cheshire is famous mainly for cheese, cats and David Dickinson, AKA the greatest living person ever, have you seen Bargain Hunt?
person 1:'i'm going to cheshire,i hear David Dickinson lives there.. i love his orange tan'
person 2: 'fo shizzle.'
by laylaMUFFIN August 26, 2007

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