The act of commenting "snipe" on a facebook post between a girl and guy as to point out the obvious nature of their conversation as flirting.
Generic Facebook Conversation:

Girl to Guy: Hey whats up?

Guy to Girl: Nm u?

Stranger in comment box: Snipe
by coolbeans94 December 30, 2010
An extremely small bowl that is finished in one shot. It is important to remember to verbally announce the term, "SNIIIIIPES", before you begin to hit your bowl.
"Mikey, you want to rip bowls? Sniiiiipes!!"
"That's not even a real bowl, that's a snipe"
"I fully just sniped that bowl"
"Succcch Snipes"
by TreyOneTrey February 08, 2010
Another term for banging.
"I'm going to rip your clothes off and snipe you!"
by kten and hley January 09, 2010
a need/want to punish, hurt, and destroy someone for their actions.
kendal: liv, if you do anything with that guy i'm gonna fuckin snipe you!
sarah: bitches and hoes
by hahagroup May 17, 2009
To call upon another in a large crowd and in a different voice than normal. As to embarrass that person because they look incredibly stupid trying to find who called their name.
Jimmy: (in unusual tone) Hey Johnny!
Johnny: What the??? Who Sniped me?
by P to the J November 14, 2007
(v)To be in a crowded area, such as a school hallway, and to call out someone's name in a voice other than your own, only to hide when the unsuspecting person turns around, completely baffled. At this point, you yell "sniiipe!!"
The quintessential snipe:

Me: Conor Murphy!!(said in a high pitched, gay voice)
Conor: *Turns around with a dumbfounded look
by Hoshtevjati May 16, 2007
a disguarded snip of a cigarette found on the ground or a
butt extingushing recepticle; usually by a homless person.
Rufuss found a badass snipe standing in front of the
7-11 yesterday! smoke em if you got em!
by RSD#5 February 08, 2007
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