n. a partially smoked cigarette that bums pull out of ashtrays.
I saw some bum scavaging snipes from the ashtray in front of the library.
by anonymous January 15, 2004

The act of commenting "snipe" on a facebook post between a girl and guy as to point out the obvious nature of their conversation as flirting.
Generic Facebook Conversation:

Girl to Guy: Hey whats up?

Guy to Girl: Nm u?

Stranger in comment box: Snipe
by coolbeans94 December 30, 2010
An extremely small bowl that is finished in one shot. It is important to remember to verbally announce the term, "SNIIIIIPES", before you begin to hit your bowl.
"Mikey, you want to rip bowls? Sniiiiipes!!"
"That's not even a real bowl, that's a snipe"
"I fully just sniped that bowl"
"Succcch Snipes"
by TreyOneTrey February 08, 2010
To call upon another in a large crowd and in a different voice than normal. As to embarrass that person because they look incredibly stupid trying to find who called their name.
Jimmy: (in unusual tone) Hey Johnny!
Johnny: What the??? Who Sniped me?
by P to the J November 14, 2007
a disguarded snip of a cigarette found on the ground or a
butt extingushing recepticle; usually by a homless person.
Rufuss found a badass snipe standing in front of the
7-11 yesterday! smoke em if you got em!
by RSD#5 February 08, 2007
To steal an object from someone and they don't notice, just like when snipers do when they shoot people, they kill them without them noticing obviously lol.
I just sniped that computer from that store.
by Pavelski8 September 14, 2006
The act of one or more people engaging in the smoking of marijuana
Dude, let's go snipe at the Palisades Mall parking lot!

Bro, I just totally sniped with your sister...
by M June 17, 2006
To intercept a high-five offering not intended for you. After or during the act of sniping, the phrase "Sniped!" should be said by the sniper. Several variations are detailed below.

Full Snipe: Both sides of the high-five are sniped, one after the other, by the same hand.

Cross Snipe: Both sides of the high-five are sniped simultaneously by one sniper, left side by the right hand and right side by the left hand.

Push Snipe: Both sides of the high-five are sniped simultaneously by one sniper, left side by the left hand and right side by the right hand.

Double Snipe: A cross snipe followed by a push snipe or a push snipe followed by a cross snipe.

Defense Snipe: A participant of the high-five snipes an approaching snipe with his idle hand.

Trick Snipe: A snipe performed by a participant of the high-five, by sniping the high-five partner with the left hand when the right hand is expected, or with the right hand when the left hand is expected.

Self Snipe: One participant of the high-five high-fives his own high-fiving hand with the idle hand, leaving the partner hanging.

Triple Snipe: Three participants in a circle, about to perform three simultaneous high-fives, all decide to snipe the high-five which they are not included in. If all participants choose to snipe with the same hand, the three pairs of participants will all high-five as planned.

Epic Snipe: A combination of three or more of the above-detailed snipes in quick succession.
An example Epic Snipe:

Person A and Person B lift their right hands in preparation for a high five. Person C goes for a Push Snipe, left hand to Person A and right hand to Person B. Before this snipe comes to fruition, Person A defense snipes Person B's left hand with his own left hand, and performs a quick full snipe on Person B and Person C's imminent high-five with his now idle right hand. Person B hangs his head in shame.
by miyomiyo July 18, 2010

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