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A group of girls that have amazing personalities. They are inclusive to their own group but have many friends. They are trusting, funny, sweet, beautiful, and everyone wants to be friends with them. They have in's to all the greatest parties and know how to get what they want, but their true feelings are hidden to everyone except for their best friends in the group.
Girl: Look at that babz walking out of school!
Guy: I wanna go hang with the babz!
by taljorzay12 September 03, 2012
Name given to girl who is an airhead. Really cool personality, but can be really stupid at times. Tends to space out alot.
"Lauren babzed out in bio today."
by Btony April 04, 2005
describes someone hairy but full of muscle and somewhat suprisingly and amazingly sexy
Hot chick: "Hey look at that guys legs like....ew" Uber hot chick: "Hu cares..mmm i could lick that BaBz all ovr tonight!"
by BaBz BaBy 1 February 06, 2010
A big group of primates all nakid in a lake jerking each other off.
jease king kong likes to do a babz
by babz muncher December 17, 2005
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