Alcoholic drink. Shooter.

Combination of Rye Whiskey, Shnapps and Tequila.
To be mixed then shoot.
Mix and shoot. I had snake eye offered to me the night before I got married, after a heavy beer night. It was a hell of a way to welcome me into reality! I can't take credit for it due to someone else creating it, but it was delicious, and 17 years later I'm still married!
by TG13 September 28, 2009
Snake eyes is when a woman is staring directly into the head of two penises.
When Sarah got down on her knees to throat our two dicks, she gazed directly into the snake eyes for a moment, and then went for it.
by ryanjriggy August 12, 2009
When your having a really terrible day and to relieve the stress you vigorously masturbate. But while doing so, you accidentally downstroke so hard you effectively punch yourself in the balls.
Ive had the WORST day! Not only did work suck, but i gave myself snake eyes when i got home!!
by Despargo August 07, 2010
the act of pushing the testicles and penis under the arse and letting the testicles sit atop the penis, may be associated with Tyler Browning or William Deel.
by WillDeel May 05, 2010
When having the birth defect of two piss holes for one penis.
she was going down on him, then starred right into the snake eyes of his penis, and ran off in disgust.
by deeznuts11111111 December 29, 2009
A very ugly girl based off of the ten scale. Like in dice it is used to describe a two and also like in dice, it is not a good thing.
Last night I was so drunk and I hooked up with the ugliest girl. She was a real snake eyes.
by Liam F July 10, 2008
openly camp homosexual
people who act like queers off of 60's tv
by John Smith March 27, 2003

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