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Snake eyes is when a woman is staring directly into the head of two penises.
When Sarah got down on her knees to throat our two dicks, she gazed directly into the snake eyes for a moment, and then went for it.
by ryanjriggy August 12, 2009
Zombie walks consist of one or more extremely intoxicated people who leave the party walking with no apparent place to go and no goals set for the walk. Zombie walks usually end at a 24 hour fast food restaraunt, and require a sober person to decipher the mumbled directions of the person who drunk dialed them and then come give them a ride home.
We got so thrashed last night we zombie walked to Wendy's, ordered a bunch of food, and did not even have the money to pay. Jake drunk dialed his girlfriend, and she spent half an hour trying to figure out which Wendy's we were at so she could give us a ride home.
by ryanjriggy August 11, 2009
The Devil's Thumb is when you are banging a chick from behind, you dip your thumb in tobasco sauce, pull your dick out, and stick your hot sauced covered thumb in her ass.
Jake's mom is mad at me. She said she wanted some hot love, so I gave her the Devil's Thumb.
by ryanjriggy August 13, 2009
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