after a man ejaculates inside, the girl rubs on his body while pushing the ejaculate out, leaving a trail like a snail
the guy flipped out when she went snailing on his leg
by mojoe86 April 13, 2009
Snailing is the act of Jizzing/Cumming on a girls face, Then afterwards turning your balls over your penis to give the impression of a snail, Then proceed to plant it on her face and rub the jizz around in a snail fashion.
Guy 1: Bro i totally snailed your mom last night.

Guy 2: Fuck you she's not the Snailing type
by AnAngryGerbal May 03, 2011
(v) When you walk around real slow because youre so stoned....with a backpack on; resembling a snail.
Dude, i was totaling snailing on the way to class today. I was 30 minutes late and my eyes looked like solo cups. The professor was chill.
by ignaciohernandez February 22, 2011
Directed towards males: when a male's penis comes out of the designated hole made in the boxers.
Ever had a pair of boxers that feels like the hole in it is a cave? Happened to me this summer and decided there has to be a name for it. Figured out there was not so I came up with "Snailin' or Snailing." You are running around and your penis just keeps coming out of that hole.
by DJ-Conley November 17, 2010
(1) to lick or suck a person's ear as a means of oral intercourse. A fetish.

Similar to shrimping, this word is derived from the snail-shape of the cochlea, found in the inner aural canal.
Offeror: "Hey babe, mind if i go snailing?"

Offeree: "Gross, i'm totally not into french food."

Offeror: "Nah nah; there's no need to buy you dinner first. Just let me tell you a secret."

Offeree: "ooohhhhh."
by jonnysan July 10, 2008
Snailing, when you snail someone. First, you rotate your scrotum & balls to the top of your penis, so the upward-facing balls and penis looks like the shape of a snail. Then you drag it along the face of someone. Leaving a trail of smegma or sweat is optional.
I went snailing all over Devin's face last night after he passed out!
by DTemp December 26, 2006
Snowing and hailing - at the same time!
Guy 1: Hey, look! It's snowing!
Guy 2: What are you talking about? That's hail!
Guy 3: It's both - it's snailing!
by theGoblin March 19, 2007

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