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A phrase used to describe a situation in which succes is found but at a later point than intended.
Son: Wow Mom you're getting really old!
Mom:Excuse me?!
Son: By that I Mean you're aging bueatifully like a fine wine.
Mom: Why thank you son.
Son: Snailed it!!
by Apollyon101 October 12, 2014
Expression used by Internet comedians Grace Helbig and Mamrie Hart in their video HeyUSA's American Dream. Snailing it means nailing it but slowly (as a snail).
"Finally finished this project ! It took me way longer than I thought it would but I'm happy with the result."
"Yeah dude you snailed it."
by snailing November 07, 2014
to ''snail it'' is to have a golden opportunity available to you in which a female is ready for you to 'take her', but you take way too long to pull the trigger and another male takes over the situation, and nails the girl before you.
Basically the opposite of ''nailing it''.

too slow to get done what needed to get done.

if you want it, you gotta jump on it before someone else does.
yo just letting you know, Jenna was all over your dick. Like she was ready for someone to do it up. But you didnt jump on the opportunity, so i went in for the kill on her.
ya snailed it, bruh.
by Saiya52 October 14, 2014

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