if somethings cute/fat/happy/jolly and you just want to grab it, the verb is to snaggle it
look at that li'l puppy
i just wanna snaggle it
by HarheebearetSopheh June 05, 2009
To take something from some one without asking for it. Mostly done in a quick fashon with or without someone watching
1. Did you see Jamal, that ass-hole snaggled my toilet paper
2. I just got a new movie, I snaggled it from Jesse.
by NastyMammoth June 06, 2007
When a vagina's labia minora (inner labia) are long and dangly. This causes the labia minora to pertrude past the labia majora (outer labia). In extreme cases it causes vagina to look unappetizing.
"I would have called her back after the date, but her snaggle was a total turn off."
by Mrs. Fahrenheit June 02, 2009
(verb) To snaggle is to delay getting up to do something that should be done. Delaying repeatedly. Snaggling is most intense when two people are planning to do something or go someplace, but one of them is busy with something and snaggles. Later, when the occupied person is ready to go, the other person is then busy, having started a lengthy activity out of boredom from waiting for the first person, perpetuating the snaggle. This back-and-forth cycle continues until it's too late to do whatever was going to be done, at which point the two (or more) individuals blame each other for snaggling.
Keenan: "Get up, Steve, we gotta go food shopping"
Steve: "Alright, let me finish this Gran Turismo race first"

(20 minutes later)

Steve: "Alright I'm ready to go, let's go."
Keenan: "Hang on I'm on the phone with my mom, give me 10 minutes."

(20 minutes later)

Keenan: "Alright man, let's go now."
Steve: "Just let me finish watching this YouTube video."

(20 minutes later)

Steve: "Alright, I'm ready. Let's go."
Keenan: "Can't. The grocery store is closed now. I guess we shouldn't have snaggled all night."
by zeleftikam August 09, 2008
The male penis when erect
i snuck my snaggle up her sniz, that was the tighest bondu i ever snized in
by papengerden October 05, 2007
while playing beer pong it is the first cup on the top of the pyramid that has not been hit and is separated far from all the other cups.
"you better hit that snaggle, ill hit the next cup and we'll bring it back"
by laurendmitt September 18, 2008
Typical nickname for a sleezy woman that has poor dental hygiene. Her teeth are busted, yet you are still low enough to have sex with her anyway.
Guy 1: Yo, did you see Snaggles at the party?
Guy 2: Yeah dude, her teeth are gross, but I fucked the shit out of her.
Guy 3: Puke
by Jake Butkiss January 20, 2008
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