Something that is nasty and messy and not cute.
Get your snaggle feet off my bed, whore!
by Sara kimbrough February 23, 2006
Snaggle menas someone's Girlfriend
Hey- wheres your Snaggle?

Oh- that ho bees oudda town.
by DJLiftoff September 23, 2007
to eat a can; a nickname of a young Sigma Alpha Epsilonist who artisticly eats cans; the act of eating a can;
Synonyms: Snagging
Verb: To eat a can, preferably a beer can
Adj: Snaggletastic (the act of fighting an inanimate object, animal or midget, whichever is closet)
Delta Gamma: Snaggle, if you snaggle me a can, i will sleep with you tonight.
Snaggle: Done.
Delta Gamma: By the way, your bleeding now.
by Lou Dog May 02, 2005
1. A HUGE penis
2. something that needs to be in a "cave"

abbreviation for snagglesworth
I want to suck on snaggles.
His snaggles is so big.

I want to put snaggles in a sour apple
by Big Snaggles February 14, 2005
A thick layer of dark grime engorged within the cracks of ones teeth. It kinda looks like shit is stuck in their teeth.
Lawrence had so much snaggle encrusted in his teeth, that you practically go on a archeological dig in his mouth.

b. Lawrences snaggle was so thick that you grow crops in his teeth.
by RZ from the big L December 26, 2003
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