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Cryptic messages from an emotionally detached person that may be too afraid to talk to you or they simply enjoy controlling and manipulating your emotions from afar for fun.
Dear John, If your smoke signals were for me, I hope this message in a bottle finds you closure.
#smoke signals #message in a bottle #balloon mail #complicated #end of the line #bad timing #door slam
by foolishhh1 January 09, 2013
The act of blowing marijuana smoke in the direction of a distracted friend to let them know it's their turn to hit the blunt.
Johnny, who was already in a daze from excessive smoking, got a whiff of the smoke signal, and then knew it was his turn to hit the blunt.
#marijuana #weed #smoke #pot #high #drugs
by Rich.Man August 08, 2010
To smoke signal is to stand outside a fellow tokers window from a distance and with a skilled puff, shooting a sliver of smoke, taking in account wind, through an open window. A trained toker will instantly recognize the smell of the sweet cheeba and know they are being summoned.
I stood outside Dilbert's house and smoke signal'd. Within 30 seconds Dilbert was beside me hittin some cannabis.
#marijuana #smoke #signal #weed #toker #toke #cheeba
by sebastiancee January 08, 2008
(Commonly mistaken as a Dutch Oven however does not involve completely covering the victim)

The act of farting under a blanket while next to another person and then wafting the blanket. This causes the expelled gas to be pushed up and out of the opening blowing it in to the face of the other person. Extremely potent if multiple are saved up under the blanket.
I gave my wife smoke signals and she passed out cause I saved so many before doing it.
#farts #dutch oven #smoke signals #blanket #waft
by Saddian July 21, 2012
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