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When you are eating a bitch out and she suddenly has her period. Your face is then covered in her blood. You then break through the wall yelling out "Oh yeeeahh!"
"Man, Heather had her rag yesterday and I was able to pull an Angry Kool-Aid Man after I went down on her."
by R3825 October 26, 2007
When you cum on a girls face, grab a handful of thumbtacks and whip them at her.
"Man I was banging Trudy the intern at my desk last night, and I got to pull an Angry Hell Raiser with your stationary thumbtacks."
by R3825 October 26, 2007
You have a bad case of the runs and you are banging your girl. When you are about to nut, your ass will involuntarily shoot out some squirts of diarrhea. You then mix your jizz and squirted diarrhea in your hands and hand it to your girlfriends face. All the while you are making the classic Bill Cosby face and saying: "There is always room for Chocolate Jello mmm mmm."
I'm not feeling to well, i have a bad case of the runs. But Sheila came over last night and I got to pull an Angry Bill Cosby on her.
by R3825 October 26, 2007
When you are eating a girl out and sneak a drag of your cigarette in. You then blow the smoke up her pussy. You immediately start to fuck her, and use your shirt to blow smoke signals every time you let your dick out for some air.
Man I have to warn the others not to let Bobby in the back cause I'm fucking his girlfriend. Think man think..... Ah yes! The angry smoke signal never fails.
by R3825 October 26, 2007
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