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the use of god-like force in a way that cleaves,crushes or shatters said object or person.
im going to smite you, i'll smite you in your sleep.
by twisted mitch November 02, 2005
180 32
Old english term.
To hit someone, usually to kill them.
The knight will smite down any who oppose him.
by Fuzzy Animator March 21, 2003
94 26
A term used when murder is just not enough.
Get away from me or I will smite you.
by TrixRabbit March 12, 2006
92 25
A beautiful way to destroy someone.
I just smote that fucking bastard after he grabbed me arse!
by Davezor October 21, 2003
76 39
to kick the living crap, and in some cases kill someone. mostly done in a medieval way.
i will go to smite someone.
by rockstar4 July 09, 2010
45 17
smite - smote - smitten

To attack or destroy by hitting, usually with a hand or a hand-held weapon.
Did he smite the kite? Has he smitten the kitten? You mean to tell me he smote the coat instead?
by Relentless July 09, 2005
37 18
Something that people do to others when they fail epicly.
Man, that Kelli girl fails, lets make sure we smite her 107 times!
by THEsasquatch April 13, 2009
12 14