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An animator on such popular flash websites as SheezyArt, DeviantArt, and New Grounds. Along with fellow animator, Joanime, he created a unique character called, Smiffy Bagel. Smiffy is usually angry at someone/something.
Guy: Hey, did you see that movie, The Twin Noodles?

Dude: Nah, I was too busy playing Mega Man.
by Chumba1 March 18, 2005
A significantly close sibling, usually a year or two apart. Most commonly misspelled as "Smiffey", and can be shortened to "Smiffz". A "Smiffy" tends to use spaces in between punctuated smiley faces and before/after punctuation.
Smiffy, you are the best big sister in the entire world, let's take a profile picture for our Facebook profiles to show everyone how close we are!
by TheRealSmiffy April 25, 2011
A smiffy wifter. See smiffy wifter.
Hey look, there's smiffy, lets throw cans at him...better still, rocks.
by Philly February 23, 2005
a small penis with ginger pubes which gay people prefer to a big penis
i have a smiffy and joel dennis likes to suck on it
by Poo Eater February 21, 2005