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a small penis with ginger pubes which gay people prefer to a big penis
i have a smiffy and joel dennis likes to suck on it
by Poo Eater February 21, 2005
An animator on such popular flash websites as SheezyArt, DeviantArt, and New Grounds. Along with fellow animator, Joanime, he created a unique character called, Smiffy Bagel. Smiffy is usually angry at someone/something.
Guy: Hey, did you see that movie, The Twin Noodles?

Dude: Nah, I was too busy playing Mega Man.
by Chumba1 March 18, 2005
A significantly close sibling, usually a year or two apart. Most commonly misspelled as "Smiffey", and can be shortened to "Smiffz". A "Smiffy" tends to use spaces in between punctuated smiley faces and before/after punctuation.
Smiffy, you are the best big sister in the entire world, let's take a profile picture for our Facebook profiles to show everyone how close we are!
by TheRealSmiffy April 25, 2011
A smiffy wifter. See smiffy wifter.
Hey look, there's smiffy, lets throw cans at him...better still, rocks.
by Philly February 23, 2005
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