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A term of endearment used for adorable, usually sleepy, people.
Person 1: Hello, are you ok?

Person 2: No. I feel ill and sleepy.

Person 1: Awwww, poor smeggle.
by idiosyncratic16 January 23, 2011
An adaption of the handle SmegHead taken from the phrase "Smeg Head" often spoken in British comedies to insult another person. Smeggles has no actual meaning, it is just an alias/nickname/handle.
"Look, that blog post was submitted by Smeggles, he is such a smeg head."
by C J October 03, 2007
One of exceptionally low intelligence; a buffoon.
That man is a smeggle.
by Sir_Pwnalot February 18, 2004
A person living in, or hailing from, the Orkney Islands.
"Damn, where'd all your trees go, you dirty inbreeding Smeggle?"
by weaver October 14, 2003
When a man with a foreskin covers the the head of his male lovers penis with his foreskin the two are smeggleing
Jonny you down to smeggle later?
by kevin November 18, 2003
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