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The merging of 'frozen' and 'coke' to create a quick and easy word for 'frozen coke'. Created and frequently used by Chantelle & Elicia.
'Lets get some fricken and froke'
by E.l.i.c.i.a January 07, 2008
to freak out on another level.
"Seriously, you didn't freak froke out!"

"Okay, you froke out when I suggested we live together."
by NneneO November 01, 2011
The merging of "Fucking" and "Broke".
Man, I am so Froke right now i cant even afford top ramen.
by Irish Scars July 28, 2011
The past tense of freak. As in freak out.
1. I was watching that movie and totally froke out when the guy jumped from behind the door!

2. She froke out when that cute guy looked at her.

by Lady Alice March 19, 2009
A horrible mix of Cafeteria foods dissolved into a coke bottle. Some of these ingredients can be Combos, milk, ice cream, eggs, syrup, ketchup, crackers, ham, and really anything you can fit through the top of the bottle. For best results let it sit in the back of a class room for an entire school year.
Remember when Mr. Green drank that Froke? I almost threw up.
by Stankskunk January 21, 2011
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