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One who will screw randomly and then suddenly have morals and not put out for another.
I screwed Molly repeatedly but she turned down my buddy Tim. That slunt.
by oifredleg December 30, 2008
Slunt and a cunt. Made popular by www.materialbitch.com
Hey slunt pass the Goose.
by MBlovesYOU August 26, 2008
A mixture of Cunt and Slut. To be used when someone is both a cunt and a slut and you want to get you point across quickly.
That girl is such a slunt!
by Beth Chinn March 11, 2008
A combination between slut and cunt. It's used when a slut has a really dirty cunt.
"That girl got around last night at that party."
"Yeah dude, she's a slunt."
by kdsfaeajklfe February 16, 2008
1. This word could be assumed that it is a combination of slut and cunt. It is merely just for vernacular. It is assumed that people will think that because of the offensive sounding nature of the word. It is a derogatory word for women that has as simple a meaning as the word FUCK. It can mean anything you want, but has no official recognition as a word.
She is a slunt

That slunt doesn't know shit

Noone would fuck that slunt
by ROBERT PB September 25, 2007
mountain bike trail in Fernie, BC, cross between a slug and a grunt, trail construction method,
the slunt bike trail was fun
by troller May 07, 2008
the combination of a slut and a cunt particulary a girl that knows she's a whore and embraces it.
Wow did you see that slunt cluadia? she was all over those guys....
by J.mtz February 17, 2008