a man slut/hoe/whore that thinks its okay to go around doing things with random chicks all the time.
"omg rob sanchez is such a slore! he did it with 5 girls tonight!!"
by graceafina120 August 19, 2008
It is a blend between the slang swear words slutandwhore
"Eeeew... Jake is a fucking slore!"
by JafffaCream July 24, 2008
A promiscuous person so promiscuous they are the combined power of a slut and a whore.
" Man, that chick is such a slore, she banged like 15 dudes on the pool table and was smoking cigarettes and reading magazines the whole time"
by Garmanbozia February 16, 2009
noun: the common club whore in las vegas that bounces around guy to guy in less time frame than an average 8 hour work day. a combination of slut and whore...by choice, not fate. possibly may be on drugs, but is so un-trustworthy we'll never really know...

also the main conversation on tequila tuesdays
Jenn: hey brad stop texting that girl, shes all over whatshisface!

Brad: what do you mean?

Jenn: I mean that SLORE just went to the bathroom with another guy...

Brad: wow...she should add plan b to her daily pill dosage!
by jb&2mary13 February 14, 2009
Slut and whore put together to define the behavior of extremely slutty people.
Dude, I saw your sister at a party last night all over a bunch of guys. She is such a slore.
by the gore princess January 17, 2009
a slut and a whore. A chick who is easy. A girl who likes to have sex and is usually good at it.
Last night I got drunk and banged 2 slores
by TT Bwouy December 31, 2008
a mix between a slut (someone who acts and dresses as if they are promiscuous) and a whore (someone who does not always seem to be promiscuous, but is). The subject has the bad qualities of dressing, acting, and actually being a dirty sex fiend.
She teases and fucks lots of guys, shes not only a slut but also a whore, she's a slore.
by J.Tizzle November 07, 2007

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