Its somewhere between a SKEEZER and a WHORE.. SLORE.
Ayo where's that Slore Jessica @ I heard shes sick wit the Domes Homez
by SOREALWITIT September 10, 2010
A promiscuous person so promiscuous they are the combined power of a slut and a whore.
" Man, that chick is such a slore, she banged like 15 dudes on the pool table and was smoking cigarettes and reading magazines the whole time"
by Garmanbozia February 16, 2009
male or female, half slut and half whore
That boy will go home with anyone. He's such a slore!
by jim public November 17, 2008
Sloppy Whore, usually a drunk, sleasy chick at a bar. A girl who sleeps with anyone when drunk.
Monica is such a Slore, she will fuck anybody when she gets loaded.
by Stephanie Schuh April 28, 2008
To be Slored Out.. way of life from being based to savage. being trill is a major part of it. Having fun and being yourself. A slore itself is the main people in the so called "forbidden group" no new members are allowed since 2/12/13.
Oooh Prince Gravy is so slored out. Why cant I become slored out because they kill all the competition.
by Slored Out November 16, 2013
Slut whore
Girl 1: ew who does she think she is stealing her best friends boyfriend in those hot pants and ugg boots

Girl 2: she's such a slore
by Spicybeefo October 24, 2013
The combination of the word ' slut' and 'whore'. Unlike other definitions, most people commonly forgot how this word came to be. This wonderful term was created at a party when drunk sophomores came to a junior or senior party. Thus resulting in a nice young lady whose initials are K.C becoming so furious she spit out the word ' slore' . This caught on and eventually stuck. Thank goodness.
senior 1: OMG those 10 bi*chz are here!

K.C: There not even drunk, but there fallin all over the place!
senior 2: Those sluts!
senior 1: Those whores!
K.C : Those SLORES!
by st. albert September 12, 2011

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