combination of slut and whore
My ex wife Jen is such a slore, she has had like 3000 men, including the jv and varsity football teams, in all 4 years
by LordMethane July 01, 2006
A slutty Whore
Your sisters a slore
by Alan May 22, 2003
A cross between a slut and a whore.
Diana is a real slore.
by DMJohnson December 31, 2014
Its somewhere between a SKEEZER and a WHORE.. SLORE.
Ayo where's that Slore Jessica @ I heard shes sick wit the Domes Homez
by SOREALWITIT September 10, 2010
A promiscuous person so promiscuous they are the combined power of a slut and a whore.
" Man, that chick is such a slore, she banged like 15 dudes on the pool table and was smoking cigarettes and reading magazines the whole time"
by Garmanbozia February 16, 2009
male or female, half slut and half whore
That boy will go home with anyone. He's such a slore!
by jim public November 17, 2008
A slutty whore; a combination of the words slut and whore
Jen and Anna are slores. They've been with half the block and they've only been here for two weeks.
by SD Collins November 13, 2007

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