the combo of slut + whore equaling SLORE, a skank or prostitute
your mother's a slore
by CM Sheen July 17, 2011
A lover of love. One who respects themselves, especially their emotional, sensual and sexual aspects of their personality, the sides that are normally repressed or expressed in violent unhealthy outbursts. All of their actions are done out of some form of love, and performed in order to strenthen the intimate relationship each one of us have with other human beings.

Root: Indeed a combination of the words slut and whore, but purposefully used, the concept goes against societal norms, as the new connotation of the word goes against previous definitions.
1: That girl's a total slore-she knows what she's doing and why she's doing it.
by class101 March 16, 2011
a name for a female when she is considered to be a slut and a whore.
Look at that slore walk by. She looks like she can work the corner.
by barbEminaj March 10, 2011
A mixture of a slut and a whore. a double dose of tramp.
who is that girl over there?

oh thats rachel, she is a total slore!

better stay clear of that one then!
by falsetattoogurrl January 31, 2011
A girl/woman that sleeps around at such a rate that calling them just a slut or whore individually would be a gross understatement.
Man, you two banged Becky....and at the same time?? What a deplorable SLORE!
by JBOG January 07, 2011
combining of a "slut" and "Whore". Also know as a Crystal.
Hey dude that girl Crystal is a SLORE
by phreal2409 January 04, 2011
someone who is both a whore and a slut. someone who gives blowjobs to guys and cheats on there boyfriend with there ex boyfriend ( most of the time) someone who is a back stabbing bitch, and will cheat on there new boyfriend in a matter of seconds. no one likes a slore. even the slore doesnt like herself! so SUCK ON THIS BITCH!
ohh muuuh gaawwwwd, kaelyn is such a slore.
well maria is even a bigger slore!
by everyonelovesmehoebags December 31, 2010
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