A combination of the two words; SLUT + WHORE= SLORE
Usually said to trick ass bitches/chickenheads who can't get dicks out there mouths.
Osama: Dayum wdf; sabrina juss slept with her boyfriend's cOusin tyrOne !

jerry: wat a SLORE !
by sOftiie August 28, 2008
someone who is a slut and a whore at the same time. a slutty whore.
talia is a fucking slore.
by canadian bitch September 08, 2007
someone whose a slut and a whore
talia is such a fuckign slore.
by canadian bitch September 08, 2007
A slut participating in whorish activities.
Cactus Hair was such a slore today. Did you see what she did? Or rather, WHO???
by Dr. Stilettos March 27, 2007
The Combonation between the words "Slut" and "Whore". Used to belittle a girl or woman in a fornicating manner.
"Wow James, That new girl Makayla is a real Slore, She's only been here for about 1 month, and she has already eaten about 24 punds of Dick."
by Nick Grinere April 24, 2006
To be a slut and a whore at the same time
"OMG! She's such a slore."
by Ravena April 06, 2006
Anyone person who is a mix between a slut and a whore. However, while sluts and whores have a bad rep, slores are a awesome. Slores can be your bestfriend, your roomate, your lover.
Erin Sweeney, from Susquehanna University, is a slore because she gives two guys head, daily.
by Erin Sweeney February 19, 2006

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