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the combonation of a slut and a whore; a slutty whore.
Nicole usually asks for money after sex, but for Jeremy, it was free.
by Erin March 07, 2005
14 14
Cross Between a slut and a whore henceforth making the word "slore"
You are a slore and i am not
by Suzy and Pauls friend August 29, 2004
9 9
A mix between a slut and a whore
Polite word for a woman who sleeps around for money and pleasure
What a slore
by Danny double rizzle January 04, 2004
10 10
The combination of the words 'slut' and 'whore' and is usually targeted at the girls who cake themselves in make-up and think it is necessary to make the duck face in every picture.
Did you see her yesterday? That girl is definitely a gigantic slore.
by MissCupcake March 03, 2012
0 1
combining of a "slut" and "Whore". Also know as a Crystal.
Hey dude that girl Crystal is a SLORE
by phreal2409 January 04, 2011
3 4
someone who is both a whore and a slut. someone who gives blowjobs to guys and cheats on there boyfriend with there ex boyfriend ( most of the time) someone who is a back stabbing bitch, and will cheat on there new boyfriend in a matter of seconds. no one likes a slore. even the slore doesnt like herself! so SUCK ON THIS BITCH!
ohh muuuh gaawwwwd, kaelyn is such a slore.
well maria is even a bigger slore!
by everyonelovesmehoebags December 31, 2010
9 10
is what you call trashy hoes that have no lives and just sit around and talk shit about girls they're jealous of
who are those slores on the corner?

oh thats just KABAMM!
by werethebest December 23, 2010
0 1