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A promiscuous person so promiscuous they are the combined power of a slut and a whore.
" Man, that chick is such a slore, she banged like 15 dudes on the pool table and was smoking cigarettes and reading magazines the whole time"
#debra (deebra) #slut #whore #drunkard #promiscuous
by Garmanbozia February 16, 2009
When something is way better than awesome and no other word can describe it.
"That show was doddally dawesome"
#awesome #sick #amazing #fun #kick-ass
by Garmanbozia February 16, 2009
A stuck-up posh girl usually from Nassau County, Long Island with a pony-tail, fake nails, annoying accent, stupid boots,anything written on the ass of their pants, tramp-stamps, chewing gum, just being generally unintelligent.
"I totally saw a wild pack of debra (deebra) at the mall buying $5,000 shoes and drinking cawwfee."
#slore #deebra #idiot #long island #nassau county
by Garmanbozia February 16, 2009
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