a girl that wears slutty clothes and is a whore aka has sex with madd dudes
veronica was being such a slore at the party, she couldn't keep her hands off any of the guys
by ktfay July 21, 2010
the mixture of a slut and a whore
oh yeah what a slore
by soulja booiii June 16, 2010
A slut who is a whore. An easier way of saying this would be "slore"
tim: did you see that girl last night she was such a whore.
alex: more like slut.

kaelin: you mean slore?
by mushroomss April 08, 2010
A slut & a whore.
She had 9 boyfriends. Ew she's such a slore.
by dumbbeaches<3 March 11, 2010
The state of being a slutty whore, oftentimes accompanied by wearing skanky clothes and being promiscuous.
"She is such a slore, for shore!"
by slore1999 March 02, 2010
slutty whore ;)
That girl had sex with 3 guys in 1 night...what a SLORE! :))
by Jno5429 February 03, 2010
A derogatory term and a hybrid combination of the words Slut and Whore.

It is a word originally designed in the beginning to use around minor aged children when you don't want them to learn bad words.
She's too dumb to be a gold digger she is just a common slore.
by VaLg February 02, 2010

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