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Do you know what a "slore" is? She's not a slut, not a whore, but all the best parts of both!

How to make a Slore Cocktail: ½ ounce Grenadine, 4 ounces Sunny D Orange juice, 2 ½ ounces Triple Sec, turned into a slush with shaved ice and served with a round lollipop for stirring & sucking.

Who wants to make me a Slore?
Chrissy is a slutty whore! She's the perfect slore.
by NewChrissy February 22, 2010
The cross between a slut and a whore
Becky can't make up her mind wether to be a slut or a whore. She takes money when she has sex, but also loves to have sex for free. Instead of calling her either one, she will be named a Slore.
by Baller82 December 01, 2009
A combination of the words "slut" and "whore" creating a new super word. This is not an actual word and should not be used in casual conversation....especially in the city of San Marcos, Ca.
Cecelia Demattos is a slore for using that word in a text message.
by CRAM SANDWHICH! September 22, 2009
A slut-whore. A chick who is so sexually promiscuous that she is neither a slut nor a whore. She is at that point a slore.
Dude #1: "Daaamnnnn that chick is so fucking hot bro."

Dude #2: "Ya shes hot but Ive already been balls-deep in that!"

Dude #3: "Hahahaha! Thats awesome she just sucked my dick and licked my ass like 2 nights ago!"

Dude #1 again: " WOW! What a SLORE!!....Be right back im gonna go talk to her..."
by Bad Boy 813 September 16, 2009
This is the combination of the two words "slut" and "whore." A 'Slore' is a hooker that would give it away for free if she couldn't sell it.
Hey Slore, How's it hangin'?
by BrainBerries July 13, 2009
Woman with the characteristics of a slut and a whore combined to make a super skanky slore.
That fukkn slore made my dick itch.
by grandmamama July 04, 2009
A combination of the two words; SLUT + WHORE= SLORE
Usually said to trick ass bitches/chickenheads who can't get dicks out there mouths.
Osama: Dayum wdf; sabrina juss slept with her boyfriend's cOusin tyrOne !

jerry: wat a SLORE !
by sOftiie August 28, 2008