1. A powerful infusion of the words slut and whore.
2. A fierce creature identified as a minion of Gozer in the movie Ghostbusters.
1. That girl is such a slore!
2. Then, during the third reconciliation of the Voldroni, the supplicants chose the form of a Giant Slore! Many Shubs and Zhools knew what it was like to be roasted in the belly of a Slore that day, I can tell you.
by DC March 14, 2005
A cross between a slut and a whore.
Diana is a real slore.
by DMJohnson December 31, 2014
It is a blend between the slang swear words slutandwhore
"Eeeew... Jake is a fucking slore!"
by JafffaCream July 24, 2008
a mix between a slut (someone who acts and dresses as if they are promiscuous) and a whore (someone who does not always seem to be promiscuous, but is). The subject has the bad qualities of dressing, acting, and actually being a dirty sex fiend.
She teases and fucks lots of guys, shes not only a slut but also a whore, she's a slore.
by J.Tizzle November 07, 2007
a person who is a slut and a whore.
paris hilton is a slore.
by yahairalizmonica December 13, 2006
combination of slut and whore
My ex wife Jen is such a slore, she has had like 3000 men, including the jv and varsity football teams, in all 4 years
by LordMethane July 01, 2006
A slutty Whore
Your sisters a slore
by Alan May 22, 2003
n. originally a combination of "slut" and "whore"; however, the word is now mostly used to describe obnoxious suburban girls that, though they have never engaged in sexual intercourse, begin to act like nymphomaniacs after imbibing a beer and a half.
Matt: "Did you hear about Sara and Olivia last night?"
Aidan: "Yes, I heard they voided their bowels from all three orifices."
Matt: "Fucking slores."
by Reggae Boy March 07, 2011

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