1. A powerful infusion of the words slut and whore.
2. A fierce creature identified as a minion of Gozer in the movie Ghostbusters.
1. That girl is such a slore!
2. Then, during the third reconciliation of the Voldroni, the supplicants chose the form of a Giant Slore! Many Shubs and Zhools knew what it was like to be roasted in the belly of a Slore that day, I can tell you.
by DC March 14, 2005
a slut and a whore. a slore.
ew, look at that slorebag.
by Tinkles the Dinosaur November 30, 2006
Anyone person who is a mix between a slut and a whore. However, while sluts and whores have a bad rep, slores are a awesome. Slores can be your bestfriend, your roomate, your lover.
Erin Sweeney, from Susquehanna University, is a slore because she gives two guys head, daily.
by Erin Sweeney February 19, 2006
Basically combining of the two words "slut", and "whore".
"Ew, that ho is such a SLORE!"
by s0urs December 27, 2005
the combonation of a slut and a whore; a slutty whore.
Nicole usually asks for money after sex, but for Jeremy, it was free.
by Erin March 07, 2005
A combination of of the words "slut" and "whore" used to describe an extremely promiscuous female.
Oh my god! What a slore! She has had sex with five guys in one week.
by Gaby March 01, 2005
Cross Between a slut and a whore henceforth making the word "slore"
You are a slore and i am not
by Suzy and Pauls friend August 29, 2004
Someone who possesses the characteristics of both a slut and a whore-- when one of the aforementioned words just doesn't cut it on its own.
Jan was being a slore at the club last night; she gave 8 guys handies.
by ObsidianTower June 09, 2014

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