A Slutty Whore!!
That trashy woman is a Slore!
by Sob7r September 06, 2011
Name given to any girl who is a cock sucking, dick fondling slut.
Dude you Know that girl Haley Baker?

Yea dude don't touch her, she's a total slore.

by lovepaschal69 July 26, 2011
A person who is hated by many people because they are a complete slut/whore.
yo dogg that girl jyac is a complete slore no wonder why nobody likes her
by Ihateslores June 05, 2011
Ava walker is a slore...
it is a combo of slut and whore....this person hooks up with random people and in VERRYYY public places.
Sometimes people even get pictures of them and send them around(;
If you ever want a good time just call 504-491-2934
ava walker went to a party and got drunk and hooked up with a guy and didn't now his name or even better hers!!! that is a slore.
by harrrrrrrrrr June 05, 2011
A combination of the words sloth and whore. Characterized as a three-toed, slow moving slut.

Alternately, a slut and whore, but less commonly used.
Oh my god, that girl is such a slore!

Oh, because she sleeps around?

...No, because she has three toes and a three hour mile time.
by *~slorezgalore~* May 22, 2011
an offensive word you can use to call someone both and slut and a whore put together.
Marvin, you have so many people i identify you a the number one slore of town.
by jessimi May 06, 2011
a whore and a slut, a girl who sleeps around a lot or is a complete skanky bitch
Emily's such a fuckin slore man did you hear who she did last night?
by kingof thajungle555 May 04, 2011

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