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Background unknown. Means crack-cocaine dependent prostitute.
There's way too many crackrats on Spencer Place.
by Jay February 15, 2005
someone who takes crack and stinks alot
you drugged up crack rat!!
by mattybeans February 13, 2005
1) Name for the crazy large mutant street rats found in the city, often mistaken for small house cats and seen scurrying around late at night

2) A person acting crazy or stupid, overly goofy, bizarre, or excited, usually used in a humorously pejorative manner, sometimes refers to a state reached from excessive use of caffeine or alcohol. Someone who gets their crackage on. Similar to lunchbox or goofball or crackhead.
Dude, did you see that crack rat? Almost bit off my toe!

You are such a crack rat, why did you take your clothes off in the hallway?!

I am such a crack rat, I sucked down 5 red bulls in an hour.
#crackhead #crack #crackage #crunk #lunchbox #lunchin #street rat
by ptree March 25, 2008
Crack rat is an anti-hero. Nemesis and long time enemy of crime fighting secret agent Rasatamouse and the 'Easy Crew'.

Crack rats mission is to spread hate and bad things.
We were just chilling by the pyramid stage then Crack rat showed up and everything went crazy.
#crack #rat #rasta #glasto #easy crew
by pnoligistonol June 28, 2011
A poodle on crack who goes into vicious mode at will.
holy shit!!!! Crackrat killed Kenny!!!! You bastard!!!!
by Janine April 11, 2005
denigrating, derogatory term used to describe teenage girls
who have recently discovered the pleasures of having sex and are focused to the depraved extreme in having as much of it as possible
"I'm not hangin' with that group of crackrats."

"That cute guy on the football team in on with the crackrats."
#teenage nymphomaniacs #sexaholics #smelly nelly #sticky drawers #wildwonz
by weasler February 21, 2006
; stupid little Virginia Beach WANNABE scene girls that think they are better/prettier/above everyone :) we all know that they are wrong....HOPE
like Jeb would say "wow guys, that girls such a CRACKRAT!!!" foot motion
#hope #gross #rat #cocaine #skank
by tabithaXbaby March 03, 2008
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